Biz Tips for Beauty Bosses

If you are wanting to increase your sales and grow/build your own team, there are a few things that you can do.

This is a just a quick “To Do” to help jump start you! 

  1. You and EVERY member of your group should have the recruiting flyer with personal contact information.  Have the Office Max Retail Connect card so that you can get your copies at any Office Max for 4 cents per copy or Office Depot by registering for your discount on Avon Advantage.
  2. Attend face to face or virtual sales meetings and training to learn the business.
  3. Complete the online training under with Avon Social and Avon U.
  4. Order at least 200 books every campaign.  The cost is around $32. What a small investment!
  5. Attach the recruiting coupons to every book.  The books will serve two purposes (sales and recruitment).
  6. Talk to 3 to 10 people a day and if out of books, use the flyers as a way to advertise.  Attach them to doorknobs, post them, etc.  “The Power of 3” every day. Be active on your chosen social media platform (i.e., facebook, twitter, pinterest, instagram, etc.) Start with one platform such as facebook. Go through the Avon Social Training and then apply it to your business. 
  7. Follow up with new recruits every campaign to show them what you do.  Your coaching will motivate them to do what you do. They will make money and you will duplicate.
  8. Once you or your new recruit starts leadership.  Time to get started sharing those books with potential clients and new team members.
  9. SUCCESSFUL appointment – follow these basic steps at the time of the appointment:
  • Review information in the kit with the new recruit to organize their Avon business
  • Help your new representative place their first family order of products that they might need. 
  • Answer basic questions and share with the new recruit the basic information, such as filling out the receipt book, explaining when the orders go in, campaigns that we are ordering from and encourage them to take the online training to be entered into a product raffle. Follow up with the new recruits with questions 48 hours after the initial appointment and invite them to the next meeting.

If you follow this PLAN, you will MOVE to the next level QUICKER because by building a solid business and by working with your new recruits, your business will duplicate.  

SALES GOALS for you and your new representatives:  

  1. Work with helpers.  Every customer is a potential helper.  Just ask them to take a book to their friends. Give them a discount of 10% off their order or free Avon products. Use the Welcome10 code for the first time online customers on your e-store. 
  2. Build your Web Store so that every customer or helpers orders through your website. The goal is to have a minimum $425 in sales per campaign, to reach President’s Club level at the end of the cycle (review on under earnings opportunity).
  3. Network in your local community. Set up a table or booth at local events such as festivals, school bazaars, etc. for a small fee. Be sure to raffle off a gift basket. People entering basket raffle would fill out an entry slip such as the one below.
  4. Sales online and face to face. Don’t miss out on an opportunity to earn.
  5. Offer gift certificates for customers for special events – birthdays, marriage, holidays, etc.
  6. Share your biz everywhere you go with business cards. flyers, and brochures.
  7. Track your sales. Use the invoicing feature in your back office under the web office tab. This way you are tracking your sales and customer activity.
  8. Use the sticker templates to promote your business.
  9. Use the 100 Places to Leave a Book as a guide when sharing your Avon Biz. Special thank you to Jessica Stover, Avon Representative, for sharing this list with us.
  10. Use the Follow Up feature under the Web Office Tab. Follow up those customers who have not ordered in a while.
  11. Be sure that your regular customers have a book on a regular basis. I would recommend at least getting them a book once a month.
  12. Use a service such as to mail your regular customers a book. You will save time and money by using this service.

100 Places to Leave a Brochure by Jessica Stover


Recruiting goals for you and your new leadership representatives:

  1. A minimum of 2 personal recruits per campaign.
  2. A minimum of 6 recruits per campaign for Bronze Leader and above.
  3. To work on the $100,000 plan. Follow the 10/10/5. Recruit 10/identify 10/develop 5 fast starts all generations.

Recruiting Flyer from


Resources and Networking Tips for Avon Representatives.  Avon Tips for Representers from Emily Seagren, Owner of and

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