Cold Weather Is Coming? Are You Ready?

With cold weather coming, it’s time to transition your makeup  and skin care routines. I know that my customers have several questions. So, I thought that I would share few of them with you.  There are answers to help keep you looking fresh and fabulous all season long.
Question: Now that summer is over, how can I keep my natural glow going?
Answer: Just because the sun is not shining does not’ mean you have to forgo your glow. Glisten all fall and winter with a touch of highlighter and hint of blush to add allover warmth to your complexion.
Question: How do I transition my foundation for cooler weather?
Answer: Always start with a primer with SPF, a cold-season must. Use a cream-based foundation formula to help keep dry, flaky skin at bay. Keep it all in place with a setting spray.
Question: My lips are constantly cracked in the winter. What can I do to save them without sacrificing my signature shade?
Answer: You do not have to give up your fave color all though winter. Always use a lip conditioner and choose a lip color with nourishing ingredients like moisturizing oils, vitamin E and collagen.
Question: My shadow, liner, and mascara always run and smear. How do I winterize my eyes?
Answer: Use waterproof primer, eyeliner, and mascara so your look stays put, even during the biggest blizzard. Show your eyes some extra TLC with gentle makeup remover.
Improving Your Skin Care IQ
Want to be in the know about caring for your skin?  There are some simple answers to your questions.
Question: Why do I need to use a cleansing brush?
Answer: It’s a great way to deep clean and clear away the buildup of dead surface cells.
Question: Why do I need to use a serum? How do I add it to my regimen?
Answer: Serums are concentrated formulas, designed to target specific concerns. They’re  easy to add to your regimen after cleansing and lightweight for layering your moisturizers.
Question: Why is a regimen so important?
Answer: Each product has a purpose. Cleanser gives your face a fresh start. Day cream has SPF, your night cream replenishes moisture while you sleep and your eye cream is designed for the delicate skin around that area.
Question:  Can I use the same moisturizer for all areas of  my skin?
Answer: No. Areas with fewer layers need a different formula. An eye cream is specifically formulated for the thinner skin around those areas your eyes while a neck cream is formulated for the neck and decolletage.
Well, I hope that you are able to find the answers to some of common questions here.
If you have any questions that did not get answered in this short article, please feel free to reach out to me.
Best Wishes,
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