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Do You Love Your Hair?

Do you love your hair? Weird question? Maybe, but maybe not.

Most people I know can find at least one or two things that they don’t like about their hair. It is so easy to hate your hair.

With a good stylist, you can change your hair. Chemical treatments can alternate the color and texture of your hair. Thus, you can get a different look easier.

Different Approach

Yet, what if we take a different approach to our hair? What if we learned to love the hair we have?

At some point, the chemical processing can do a number on your hair. So, why not learn how to work with what you have?

Here again, a good stylist can consult and advise you on the best cut for your hair texture and facial structure.

Another idea is to use a temporary or semi-permanent color on your hair. The temporary or semi-permanent color does not do as much damage to your hair as the permanent color processing.

Remember to never use a heating wand or curling iron on wet hair. Dry your hair completely before you use your styling tools that heat up.

And, what about your daily hair care routine? By using the appropriate care and styling products, you can make a difference with your hair health.

Four Steps to Hair Health

Just follow four-step daily hair care and styling routine.

1. Wash your hair twice when you shampoo and rinse completely. Be sure to use the tips of your fingers and scrub the scrap thoroughly.
2. Condition your hair after shampooing. Put the conditioner on your hair from the medium shaft down. If your hair is short, then just put it on the tips. Again, rinse thoroughly.
3. Treat your scrap and hair. If you have a scrap or concern, then consult with your stylist about the best treatment for your problem. If necessary, concern a dermatologist.
4. Style your hair with the products appropriate for your hair type and hairdo.

What Is Next?

What is next? Evaluate your current hair care and styling routine. Make changes where you need to so that you can improve the health of your hair.

Do you have hair questions and concerns? Not sure who to ask? You are welcome to drop me a note. I am a licensed Master Cosmetologist and happy to help you get started in the right direction with healthy hair care and styling routine.

Best Wishes,

Myra Reidy




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