Journey to President’s Recognition Program

The Journey to President’s Recognition Program (PRP) is well worth the time and hard work. Let’s break it down.


What is PRP?

PRP stands for President’s Recognition Program. It is the Rewards and Recognition Program set up by New Avon to honor the hard work of its independent sales representatives.


How do you qualify for membership in PRP?

To become a member of the PRP, an Avon Independent Representative must make a minimum of $10,000 in award sales. Award sales are just a unit of sales. For example, a jar of day facial cream might retail for $38. The independent sales representative would receive 38 award sales.


What are some of the perks of PRP membership?

The President’s Recognition Program rewards the representative for excellence in personal sales with six levels of membership. The greater the sales, the greater the rewards. When a representative achieves $10,000 in sales in one year, the membership starts immediately. Plus, the membership status rolls over to the next year for the entire year. A representative can earn up to 50% on her sales, redeem points for gifts, and receive an invitation to Tributes.


Can a PRP member become a leader?

Yes, a PRP member can become a leader. A large number of  PRP members are leaders who serve a role model to their teammates.


So, is it worth the hard work to achieve membership in the PRP?

In my professional opinion, the answer is YES. A representative can lock in at a higher earning percentage. Bottom line, it is more money in the representative hip pocket. Plus, the award points can be used to purchase gifts and gift cards. The tributes and celebrations are also a boatload of fun.


To learn more about the current year’s President’s Recognition Program, click 2018-awards-and-recognition-programs-book-en.

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