Selling is Easier Than You Think!

Do you know that there are two ways to sell? Face to face and online are the obvious options. Let’s explore the face to face sales.

Sales representatives  have quiet a long history of making house calls to their clients’ homes. It is a little bit of a shock for some folks when they realize that we still do make house calls.

Face to face sales are typically a great way to start building a Home Business. Using a simple plan, a person can make a list rather quickly of potential clients for their home business.

First, you start with your inner circles. Inner circles are people who you see on a regular basis and have an established rapport.

Your inner circles might include family, close friends, and co-workers.

Now, step out a bit. What about your other circles that you belong to such clubs and associations? Do you belong to the local gym, a ladies’ group, sport team, hobby club? What about the people who serve you your stylist, nail tech, cashier, waitress, gas station attendant, etc.? List the names of those people and offer them your products.

I actually used this technique when I first started selling. I thought about all of my circles of influence and made a list of people who potentially would use and buy my products. I offered my product catalogs to those people on my list first.

Was I nervous and afraid? Yes. Did some of these people say, No, thank you! Yes, they did. Did my feelings get hurt? Well, yes initially. However, I quickly realized that after a few No’s that I actually got several Yes’s.

It was just a matter of letting people in my circles know that I are in business for yourself. Since I had a home business for a while, I have branched out to people outside of my inner circles through networking, table events, and vending opportunities.

Through these experiences, I have built my confidence and met so many different people from all walks of life and built my client list, too. My  Home Business has truly been and is a blessing to my family and me.

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Warmest Wishes,

Myra Reidy

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