Skin Care for Life!

Skin Care for  Life!

Skin literally does cover you for life. When you stop to think about your skin, you quickly realize just how amazing it is! Just so quick facts about your skin to get you thinking!

  • Your skin covers you from head to toe. According to the Milady Standard Cosmetology Textbook (2016), skin is your body’s biggest organ.
  • On average, if the skin were to be stretched out, it would cover over 3,000 square inches and weigh about 6 to 9 pounds.
  • It acts as a natural barrier between your interior systems and the environment you live in.

Skin Care Dos and Don’ts

Here are some quick Skin Care Dos and Don’ts from Dr. Kim Nichols, board-certified dermatologist.

Do: Use a targeted serum in your daily regimen. For example, Infinite Lift has a polypeptide to help lift and tighten.

Don’t: Eat too much sugar. Excess sugar damages collagen fibers so skin can become more vulnerable to sagging.

Do: Drink enough water. Water flushes out toxins and helps to keep your systems working properly. Staying hydrated is also essential for a healthy-looking complexion.

Don’t: Forget to keep your skin moisturized, too. Drinking water is important, but you need a good moisturizer, too, as dry skin can lead to wrinkles. Advanced Wrinkle Corrector is a moisturizer with an added technology to help visibly plump out wrinkles.

Do: Use an eye cream every day. It helps protect the delicate skin around that area. Eye Lift Pro has a skin-tightening ingredient.

Don’t: Rub your eyes. Tugging can stretch the skin and cause it to sag. Dot eye cream all around and pat it in gently.

Do: Exfolitae regularly. Sloughing off dead surface cells 1-2 time a week helps skin look fresh. It also helps your skin to properly absorb your treatments and moisturizers.

Don’t: Exfoliate too harshly. Rubbing aggressively on the skin can irritate it. A good solution is the Retexturizing Peel pads. Just glide the pad across your face in gentil circular motions.

Do: Wear SPF  daily. Damaging UV rays are present all year-round, even when you don’t see the sun. Skinvincible Lotion has SFP 50, one of the highest levels of SPF.

Don’t: Forget your night cream. Night moisturizers assist in skin repain while you sleep. Skinvincible Deep Recovery Cream, with antioxidants, can help visibly reverse skin damage.

Do: Give your skin its daily and nightly dose of vitamin C. Vitamin C is skin care’s superstar antioxident that helps make your skin brighter and clearer.

Don’t: Think all vitamin C derivatives are not as effective as pure vitamin C. Anew Vitamin C Brightening Serum is formulated to keeo vitamin C stablized so it stays pure and potent.

So, there you go! Just a few tips to help you with your skin that covers you for life!

If you have any questions regarding skin care, please feel free to contact me!

Best Wishes,

Myra Reidy

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P.S. If you are looking for a overall routine for your body’s skin, I  highly recommend the Skin So Soft products!

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