Skin Care Myths,Truths & Solutions by Dr. Kim Nichols

Skin Care Myths, Truths & Solutions by Dr. Kim Nichols, Avon’s board-certified dermatologist. She clears up some common misconceptions and gives us the real story.

Myths, Truths, and Solutions

Myth: The same moisturizer can be used by for your face and eyes.

Truth: The skin around your eyes is thinner so it requires a special treatment.

Solution: Avon’s eye treatments are so specialized, in facet, that many of them have a separate gel and cream for the needs of the upper and lower lids. Eye Lift Pro Dual Eye System has injectable-grade arginine gel. Women surveyed have seen a dramatic lift in as little as 7 days.

Myth: Skin doesn’t start to sag until you are in your 40s.

Truth: Your skin may start to sag earlier, as you lose collagen as early as your 20s.

Solution: If you do, Dr. Nichols recommends that you try Infinite Lift, which has polypeptide ingredient used in office procedures. The Infinite Lift targed Contouring System gives angled skin a lifted look. Use this product as a moisturizer  in the PM  after your cleanser and treatment.

Myth: To fight wrinkles, it’s best to use a collagen cream.

Truth: Retinol is the #1 anti-wrinkle ingredent recommended by determatologists.

Solution: Collagen molecules in most creams are too large to penetrate your skin. It’s better to use a treatment with Retinol, which has been proven to increase collagen production. Avon has two products with Retinol: Line Eraser with Retinol Targeted Treatment, and Line Eraser with Retinol Treatment. The Line Eraserwith Retinol Target Treatment treats deep lines and wrinkles to be used in the PM. Use the  Line Eraser with Retinol Treatment  for overall fine lines and wrinkles. This product can be used as treatment in the morning and evening.

Myth: You don”t need to wear SPF on a cloudy day.

Truth: You need to protect your skin with SPF daily, rain or shine.

Solution: UV rays are always present, even when you don’t see the sun. Skinvincible Day Lotion has SPF 50, Avon’s highest level of SPF.

Myth: You’ll inherit your mom’s wrinkles.

Truth: Genes play a part, but so can you.

Solution: You can minimize the look of wrinkles by avoiding too much sun, not smoking, and moisturizing daily. If you need extra help, Dr. Nichols recommends Anew Advanced Corrector. After using the Advanced Wrinkle Corrector, 9 out of 10 women showed improvement in the look of their wrinkles.

Myth: If you see sagging skin, it’s too late to do anything about it.

Truth: It’s never too late to firm the look of sagging skin, and you could do it at home.

Solution: Thermafirm has a special skin-tightening formula Women have reported seeing great results. ThermaFirm Face Lifting Cream has a combination of hydrolyzed plant protein and natural extracts. Surveyed women have reported their skin looking firmer and lifted in just 3 days.

Myth: Scrubbing longer and harder makes exfoliation more effective.

Truth: Scrubbing too long or too hard could irritate  your skin.

Solution: Dr. Nichols recommends 30 seconds to a minute. Use the textured side of a pad in gentle circular motions. A product such as Anew Clinical Extra Strength  Retexturizing Peels  have a multi-acid complex on the pads. The complex contains glycolic acid, hyalronic acid, salicylic acid, plus two Avon exclusive acids.

Now What?

Well, I hope that Dr. Nichols has been able to provide you some value information.  Are you not sure which skin care products are right for you? Then, I invite you to take the Skin Care Advisor Quiz. It only takes a few minutes to complete.  You will have a list of recommended products.

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