Skin Care Routine Rules

Skin Care Routine Rules

Do you have a regular Skin Care Routine? If yes, pat yourself on the back. If no, then let’s talk a little bit more.

My mother taught from a young age to have a regular skin care routine. Mom is in her 70’s and has amazing looking skin. She washed her face daily in the morning and evening. I can still remember her using her night cream before she fell asleep.

Your skin is one of the largest systems of your body. It pays to take care of it. The  few benefits of having a regular skin routine are:

  • younger looking skin.
  • slowing down the aging of your skin.
  • healthier skin.

Recently, Good Housekeeping shared an awesome Skin Care Routine. It is well worth sharing with you. So, let’s talk more about what your skin care routine should look like daily, weekly, and monthly.

Daily Skin Care Routine Rules

Your daily skin routine should include four simple steps.

  • Cleanse twice a day (in the morning and evening).
  • Treat any problems or concerns that you have
  • Moisturize twice a day (in the morning and evening).
  • Use eye care (in the morning and evening).

There are some health habits that you should use daily.

  • Drink lots of water
  • Get enough sleep to feel fully rested upon rising.
  • Wear your sunscreen protection of 30+ year around.


Weekly Skin Care Routine Rules

Weekly skin care routine rules are simple.

  • Use a sheet mask.
  • Exercise regularly.
  • Disinfect your cell phone.
  • Clean your makeup brushes.
  • Change your pillowcase.


Monthly Skin Care Routine Rules

Once a month, you will want to exfoliate your body with an appropriate body scrub. I prefer a sugar scrub instead of a salt scrub. Be sure to examine your body for suspicious moles.


Yearly Skin Care Routine Rules

Annually, see your dermatologist for a checkup and skin screening.


I hope that you have found value in this article.

If you have any questions and comments, you are welcome to do so below.

Warmest Regards,

Myra Reidy


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P.S. Do you know what skin care products to sure as a part of your skin routine? If you are unsure and want more direction, then click HERE.





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