Skin Types Impact Your Foundation Selection

Skin Types and Foundation Selection

Think about we need to think about the skin types and select the foundation formula that makes sense.

Now, let’s learn a little more about the different skin types.

There are three basic Skin Types: Normal/Combination, Dry, and Oily.

SKIN TYPE:Normal/Combination

Characteristics – Rarely breaks out. Neither too oily nor too dry..or may occasionally need a little help controlling in the T-Zone ( Across the forehead and down the nose area of the face).

Needs – A skin-balancing formula that moisturizes or absorbs oil wherever needed.

Best Foundation (Form and Finish) – You are the lucky one..all forms work well- liquid, cream-to-powder, and loose mineral powder foundations. It’s all about your personal preference.

Answer: Flawless Liquid Foundation SPF 15, Extralasting Liquid Foundation SPF 15, Flawless Cream-to-Powder Foundation SPF 15, Smooth Mineral  Powder Make-Up, or Ideal Nude Liquid Foundation SPF 20.



Characteristics – Often mature skin. Thirsts for moisture, feels right tight after cleansing, rarely breaks out.

Needs – A moisturizing formula is right for you. Oil-based can add emollients.

Best Foundation (Form and Finish) – Liquid with a satin finish is best.

Answer – Flawless Liquid Foundation SPF 15 or Age-Transforming Liquid Foundation SPF 15.




Characteristics – Prone to breakouts, blackheads, large pores. Gets shiny fast. Few or no wrinkles.

Needs – Foundations with oil absorbers…or go oil-free.

Best Foundations (Form and Finish) – Powder foundations works best for absorbing oil..or you can go for a long-wearing liquid foundation with a matte finish.

Answer – Smooth Mineral Powder Make-Up, Perfect Wear Extralasting Liquid Foundation SPF 15 or Ideal Nude Liquid Foundation SPF  20.

If you have any questions about your skin types or foundation selection, please feel free to comment below or private message me.

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