Break the Fragrance Rules

Break the Fragrance Rules!  Wear your fragrance in new and unexpected ways! It is fun to change it up. Plus, when you put a new twist on your fragrance routine, it just makes for a litte bit of excitement for us.  Let’s dig in deeper with some ideas. Spice Up…

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Skin So Soft Iconic Brand

Skin So Soft is Avon’s most iconic brand. Skin So Soft Bath Oil was developed in 1961 and has been perfected over the years. Generations of customers love it! Winter is a great time for these oils. Pour a little into a warm bath, or smooth on your skin after…

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Beauty for a Purpose

Beauty for a Purpose” is Avon’s current promotion theme. Everywhere you look on the official Avon websites you will see this login. As an Avon Representative, this login has made me pause and think. What exactly does “Beauty for a Purpose” mean to me? Let’s break it down. What is…

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