Which Fragrance Is Right for You?

Right Fragrance

Which fragrance is right for you? It can be an overwhelming decision. However, it does not have to be. Let’s do a little digging. We can come up with a perfect fragrance for you.

The word scent is from a Latin phrase meaning “through the smoke.” It was thought to have once been created by the traditional Egyptians who burned perfumed woods and plants for their pleasant odors. Over time scent has been utilized, refined and boosted by each major civilization and today’s scent as it is known is an enormous business.

Three Elements

Today’s modern scent has three main elements: smells, fixative, and solvent. The perfume nearly anything man-made or natural, which has an odor may be employed in the making of scent. Sometimes smells are made of flowers, citrus, spices, woods and occasionally even leather.

The fixatives are ingredients that act to stabilize the savory compound and assist in making the perfume last for longer. The solvent is mostly alcohol and keeps bacteria from forming so helping maintain an even consistency so it can be applied.

The solvent also plays a component in deciding the price as the more significant the density of smell the dearer the fragrance will be. Lotions and aftershaves usually have a one to 2 percent smell base.

Eau de Cologne products are typically two to three percent pure smell. Eau de Toilettes run between five to twenty percent smell Eau de Parfums will have from ten to 30 percent savory compound in them. Scent Extract or Parfum has the best density of smell, between twenty and forty percent.

Scented Notes

Women’s products often fall into one of the following categories: scent, Eau de Parfum, toilet water, and cologne. Men’s products are sold as scent, cologne, and aftershave. Amazingly fragrances and music share a standard term, notes.

Scents are layers of numerous “notes” which make up the perfume. These notes are engineered to appear at various times in the smell span of a fragrance just as an orchestra will have different instruments playing through musical composition.

Top notes are the most potent smells but don’t last particularly long. The top note is the original burst of aroma you get when you initially take a sniff of your fave scent or cologne. The top notes are usually spice or citrus-based. These smells are typically floral in nature.

Bass notes form the basis of the perfume and are customarily deep and musky in nature and appear to mix with the middle notes not to replace them. Scents are incredibly complicated products that go through many stages of development before reaching the buyer.

There are many thousands of different scents and colognes now available. Every fragrance has a unique smell signature. Today, fragrances reserved for the rich and privileged are now open to everybody.

Which Is Right for You?

When thinking of fragrances, divide it them up into scent families: fresh or warm. Within each family, there are three categories. The goal is to keep it simple for ease of the right fragrance for you.

Which Women’s Avon Fragrance Is Perfect for You?

Think Before You Apply

Always apply fragrances right to your skin or hair. Some fragrances, particularly perfumes and Eau de Parfums which have a higher density of oils, may lead to tarnishing on certain fabrics. Never spray fragrances immediately on silk – it’ll damage it!

If you want to spritz a bit on your clothing, be sure to check it first on a concealed area like an inner lining before spraying it all over yourself! This rule of thumb is particularly so for fragile fabrics and ‘dry-clean only’ clothing.

Go With the Seasons

I advise changing your fragrance, relying on the season. To paraphrase, go for lighter smells in the warmer weather and keep the stronger smells for the drier, cooler weather.

Heat intensifies the perfume. Hence there isn’t any need to douse yourself in a heavy smell in the summer. If you’re outside, be advised that bees, wasps, wasps, and other flying bugs are drawn to floral fragrances. This fact is another strong reason to stick to light, clean smells during summer.

Talking of heat, if you would like to keep that favorite scent as fresh as the day on which you purchased it, keep the bottle in a cool, dark place. Keep the bottle in its original box, if at all possible.

Hope that you got value from this writing. If you have any questions, please feel free to follow up with me.

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